Never Say

Jpm2000000pmTue, 05 Feb 2008 20:54:30 +000008 1, 2008

 Never say “I love you”

If you really don’t care

Never talk about feelings

If they aren’t really there

Never hold my hand

If you’re gonna break my heart

Never say you’re going to

If you don’t plan to start

Never look into my eyes

If all you do is lie

Never say hi

If you really mean goodbye

If you really mean forever

Then say you will try

Never say forever

Coz forever makes me cry…

:. puisi yang bagus bukan? Hee…^-^


One comment

  1. Hayooo…. perasaan comment sebelumnya kata Ayu udah selesai ! :mrgreen:

    Kalo ngomong tentang cinta gak bakal selesai yu’ 😉 . Dasar melankolissssss ! 😀

    Hmmm…. tetap semangat aja dech yu’ 🙂

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